Gather resources to craft buildings.

Vertical Base Building

Build up to reach the many floating islands around this planet and find new buildings and resources to use.

Antagonistic Wildlife

The local animals are none too happy about you being on their planet. You will have to either build ways to handle them or fight them off yourself lest they destroy all of your hard work.

No Survival Mechanics

Tired of having to stop what you are doing in order to make sure your character drinks water every five seconds, so are we. In ArchiTac, your goal is to reach and repair your ship but if you want to just spend your time exploring the islands and building whatever you want you are free too without worry of death due to not eating a donut in the last minute.


Our Team

Design and Production

Light Bates

Systems Designer

Sritej Canchi


Dhaman Mehta


Art and Tech Art

Angela Xuexin Wei


Xuehan Yuan

3D Artist

Jacob Reuling

Technical Artist/Animator



Gameplay Engineer

Zhuangzi Zhang

UI Engineer

Kent Chi Phan

Gameplay Programmer/Engineer

Junfeng She

Gameplay programmer

Sumi Nakamura

Game System Engineer